Thursday, 5 November 2009

18th & 19th Century Vestments, Exquisite Silks, Trims & Embroidery

I always look for 18th & 19th century vestments when I am on buying trips, the quality of the fabric & trims used is always of the finest, the garments and accessories have been made with love & care, and have invariably been carefully mended and darned to keep them in the best of repair for as long as possible.

Here are two 18th century silk chasubles, a 19th century cloth of gold humeral veil, a small silk brocade runner or chalice veil dating to about 1750 and a maniple of about the same date. The detail is wonderful, an outward expression of inward devotion. Even though I am an atheist myself, I am still fascinated and awed by religeous artifacts and the cultural history expressed through them.


  1. I have always admired the beautiful trims and gold embellishments on these pieces. It seems that they were always saved for these special pieces, and the colors are so exquisite too. Not religious wither, I can at least admire and appreciate them.

  2. I agree, religeous textiles are some of the best preserved & documented early pieces beacuase of the way they have been cherished and respected through the ages.