Monday, 1 February 2010

Pre-war Deco decadence, a glorious silk Boudoir pelmet

I sold this unusual, but beautiful French Art Deco silk textile a while ago, it must have been a luxury piece in its day, designed to add sensual ambience to a gorgeous boudoir. It is a pelmet or valance made from a pre-made silk-covered rigid undulating base in pink to create the main part of the design, more in ivory to create the florals, then the background filled in with button-hole stitched linen thread brides or bars to create fabric of the pelmet. I am unsure whether it would have been bought ready-made, or in kit form, to make at home, I have seen similar pieces before, but never so well made or in such good condition.

It has been made to imitate needlepoint lace on a large scale, in palest pink and ivory. The piece has been finished off with delicate crocheted balls suspended on long button-hole stitched threads, reminiscent of Christmas baubles. I imagine it was hung over a window or bed, but not for long, as it was in exceptional condition, and had been carefully stored for years. I would love to see an old photograph of a similar piece in situ! I can only imagine how decadent and opulent the rest of the furnishings of the boudoir were.

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