Thursday, 17 February 2011

Interesting, damaged 18th & 19th century fabrics

When I am on the hunt for textiles I don't necessarily pass something over just because it is very worn and damaged; even when riddled with holes, covered in marks or literally falling apart, textiles have a story to tell. Often even early pieces dating to the 18th and 19th centuries like these can be bought for next to nothing, and a lot can be learned from them, their history, method of construction/manufacture, use etc, without being too 'precious' about them as one could be about a piece in excellent condition.

I have a lot of regular customers around the world who collect such pieces for study, interior design, textile design or perhaps to dress a period doll or use as inspiration when decorating a film or stage set . Of course, I am thrilled every time I discover a textile in wonderful condition, but to be honest, I prefer the ratty, tatty pieces like these that I can handle without fear of damaging them. I shall be listing these on ebay this evening.

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