Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Two 19th c pelmets possibly manufactured at Nantes or Alsace & Bolbec or Rouen

Here are two early 19th century French printed toile pelmets, one commemorative with some scenes from the history of Mary Queen of Scots, the other showing classical Greek scenes. They both date to somewhere about 1810-30. The red toile is plate printed in a traditional, slightly old fashioned style and most likely comes from Bolbec or Rouen as both regions are known to have produced very similar versions of this design. I am not sure about the purple toile, but I have a feeling it was manufactures at Nantes or possibly Alsace. It may be a bit earlier than the other one as it is a very neoclassical 'Empire' design, simple and elegant.

Both pelmets are currently listed on my website:

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