Thursday, 22 September 2011

A pair of late 18th/early 19thc Aubusson tapestry chair panels

These pretty hand-loomed Aubusson tapestry chair panels are quite faded, but to lovely antique effect. It also shows how they here attached to the chairs with large round upholstery nails or some-such fixing as the tapestry is less faded where these were nailed into place.

The tapestry is woven in fine wool and silk on a linen warp. A few weft threads have rotted away here and there, but these can be restored as the weft is intact. I am selling these via my ebay shop, the listings will come on this evening.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

A tiny Joan of Arc tin

After recently finding the Joan of Arc toile posted below, I was thrilled to find this little tin at a flea market in Brighton yesterday. I think it may be an patch pot, but am not too sure, it looks far too small for a compact or even a snuff pot. The engraving may be early 19th century with its 'C' scroll border, and Joan looks quite similar here to the rendering of her on the toile, so it may be French. A very pretty little pot!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

An exciting unused bolt of early 19th century toile de Nantes

Last week I was at a large antiques fair and the weather was appalling. We needed refreshment and a break from the wind and rain so made our way to the café building which also had some stall holders on the ground floor. From across the room I could see a large pile of red-printed fabric and walked towards it transfixed. It turned out to be an unused bolt of roller-printed neoclassical Toile in deep madder red, possibly from Nantes, most likely dating to about 1815. It depicts the story of Joan of Arc. It had been found tucked away in an old French amoire. I asked how much there was and was told there was 6.3 meters. The price seemed very reasonable, so I bought it straight away and tucked it into a bag to protect it from the rain.

It wasn't until later that I realised there was quite a bit more than 6 meters, it turned out to be a 20 meter bolt, probably a length intended for a whole set of bed curtains etc but never made up. The last picture is a reference to the same toile in a different colourway from the book: Antique French Textiles for Designers by June K Laval, I have an apron printed in Blue in the same toile, but am thrilled to bits with this wonderful unused yardage which has gone to Christie's for an appraisal.