Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Quilts Galore!

While 'Quilts Galore' may be overstating it a bit, I am pleased to announce a new 'Quilts' page on my website. There are currently 3 quilts for sale there, and more to come in a week or two. An elegant Toile de Bordeaux and Vichy check French boutis, a 19th century double-sided French boutis and a beautiful arborescent toile quilt in need of a little TLC.

Here are some photos of some quilts and coverlets I have sold in the past, along with the ones listed on the website which this should give an idea of the kind of quilts that I will be hunting out and selling.

1 comment:

  1. What fabulous quilts these are. I have several myself but these really are beautiful and they do look so good folded up together...
    now I just need to find some room in my armoire!
    Abby x