Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A Stitch in Time


  1. It must be so hard ...I cannot imagine buying or having to buy something I did not love....if it didn't call to me I would really is a talent to know what will sell ..your things are all so lovely..and I loved the waistcoat for the child....
    I wondered if you do small bags of mixed vintage bits for buttons and patches. Do you have any I might purchase from you
    Lynn xxxx

  2. Hi Lynn, I agree, and I think the reason my business works is because I only buy things that I love, so I always have a lot of faith in what I sell, and by the same token, use it as an excuse to keep as much as possible... I often make up custom packs for people, if you email me on with a rough idea of what you are looking for I shall see if I can sort something out! xxx

  3. What a wonderful fabric
    I always come to your blog to see them.
    In April, I come to find Emporium
    in Lewes, there are already and I have already
    taken from you, I hope 's meet.
    Sust x

  4. Hi Susy, thank you for your welcome visits! At the Emporium in Lewes there are many sellers, and I am not there very often as the unit is looked after by the lovely Michele for me! But I will hope to see you in April! Lois x