Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Gorgeous gold & silver threads almost 100 years old!

My favourite French haberdashery dealer had a small batch of these incredible old French wooden reels for sale, and needless to say I snapped up an many as I could; I can't help being a magpie, shiny, glittery things always appeal greatly to me, and of course, It is all for the good of the business, so I don't even need to feel guilty!

They seem to all be slightly different, with some marked as dating to 1916, most marked with all sorts of cryptic but fascinating details on the ends of the reels. I have been told that these old threads most likely have quite a good amount of real gold and silver in them, and this would account for the beautiful range of shades and tones. Most are either round or oval section threads made from metal wrapped around a core thread, but there were a few interesting twisted threads as well, although most of these have sold already... I have listed some on ebay, please see my ebay shop address in the sidebar if you are interested.
I shall get some into the website in a few days when time allows.

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