Monday, 11 April 2011

17th century drawn thread band, possibly a Swaddling Band

I shall be selling some very early pieces of lace and drawn thread work from time to time on my website.

This is a beautiful drawn thread narrow linen band dating to the 17th century. I have read that these were sometimes used as Swaddling Bands for babies, but have no idea if this really was the case, it could equally be an upholstery edging, perhaps for an altar cloth or somesuch. It has a wonderful linen fringe along the bottom edge and simple lace across the top. Similar bands that I have read about are usually a little over 3 meters long when complete, this one has been cut down a little at each end and measures 2.54 meters by 13 centimeters.


  1. We have some altar cloths in our 12thC village Church which look similar. I am not as knowledgable as you in textiles so could not say for certain what your example was used for but it is a beautiful piece of work. Abby x

  2. Hi Abby, it is wonderful that religious textiles are treasured and used! Lois xx

  3. Hi Fabriquefantastique, lovely to have you visit, I hope you enjoy future posts! Lois xxx