Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Simple Early 19th Century French Wedding

Tomorrow's Royal Wedding coincided with the purchase of this lovely early 19th century French printed toile de Rouen which arrive in the post today.

It depicts a lovely village wedding, starting with the introduction of the young man to his sweetheart's family. The couple exchange vows inside the church, before parading joyfully out of the church to the merry tune of the Fiddle. Next we see them and their family enjoying their delicious wedding banquet. Finally, we see into the future as the happy couple play with their little daughter.

It is a very charming panel despite being quite faded. The definition of the print isn't as good as it could be, this tended to happen when the engraved metal plates used for printing began to wear down after too much use, leaving a less distinct pattern. This sometimes allowed the dye to flood out a little too much, further increasing the lack of definition. However, I quite like the effect, it softens all the outlines, slightly blurring the detail, adding to the shabby chic charm of the design in this case.

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