Friday, 15 April 2011

Delicately Faded Shabby Chic French Florals for Spring

With perfect timing for Spring, one of my favourite dealers invited me to view their new French stock; she knows well my penchant for gently faded delicate floral fabrics in pale, wistful colours as well as stronger, richer tones, and she had plenty of both!

Most of the fabric here are late 19th century, a few from the first half of the 20th century, mostly lightweight lawns. These kind of antique and vintage cottons are becoming harder and harder to find so I was thrilled to buy up all that she had. The only drawback is that most of the pieces here are quite small, but that makes them perfect to cut and combine in pretty projects like cushion covers or patchwork.

I shall be listing a few pieces on ebay this evening, and should have some small patchwork packs for sale in the website over the next couple of days. I always find that Spring is the best time for buying textile stock, and have several buying trips lined up over the next few days, so watch this space for more oodles of interesting things!