Friday, 10 July 2009

Gorgeous French 1930s/40s Nostalgic Victorian Prints

While some of my favourite textiles are very old, I am also very fond of more recent designs, particularly when they are nostalgic prints such as these Two! With Summer upon us at the moment, the first design is very evocative, full of joie de vivre and energy, in lovely hot Summer colours that also have a hint of autumn about them. The Victorian gentry at play!
The second design is equally as charming, Victorian coaching scenes, evoking travel and holidays. The colour palette is altogether more plain and simple, yet still bright and cheerful.
Both fabrics were printed during an era when children's tastes had begun to be catered for, the first fabric was probably aimed at girls with its romantic scenes, the second at boys with each vignette filled with potential adventures!

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