Sunday, 12 July 2009

Missing her already!

It has only been a day and a half, but of course I am missing her already! My lovely daughter Morgaine (pronounced Morganna) has gone to Sicily for her Classics and Archaeology college trip before leaving for University later in the year. She will be back by next weekend, but as it is only me and her here at home, it seems very quiet and not quite right without her, as we are very close. I am trying to get used to it, seeing it as a practise run for when she goes to University!
I will have no excuse for not sorting out the flat, and getting my stock room ship-shape this week...


  1. What a beautiful young woman, and how nice that you are so close. I know you will miss her when she goes to college, but you will find that you become even closer.

  2. I am sure you are right Phyllis, it is part of the 'letting go' that love needs to do!